Decorative Films

There is so much more to films than just heat control or fade protection. Utilizing our state of the art digital imaging system and full line of decorative films, we can take any business logo or design idea you may have for a custom interior and create it with film. Whether your vision originates from a stamp size image on a business card or a sketch on a napkin, we can transform it into a life size showpiece. Best of all we’re equipped to handle all popular image formats allowing us to speed development in cases where digital art already exists. At Xlnt Tint we can turn just about any room from ordinary into something extraordinary. Our experienced team can provide creative solutions to reach your desired goals.

If you have been looking for a unique way to exhibit your business and add flare to every meeting you’ve definitely come to the right place. Custom film services offered include:

  • Printed Films
  • Plotted Films
  • Design Consultation

We carry a variety of state-of-the-art films including the full line of 3M Fasara Distinctive Glass Films for Interior Design, enabling you to select the one that best addresses the unique requirements for your home or office. Visit our galleries for design inspiration.



Fasara and Decorative Film Authorized Dealers

Printed Film Gallery

Visit our gallery of past printed film projects and open your mind to the unlimited capabilities of decorative films. 

Plotted Film Gallery

Visit our gallery of past plotted film projects and envision the transformation that can accomplished with a decorative film.

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If you are considering decorative film for your home or office, we hope you will consider Xlnt Tint. Click here to request a quote or schedule an appointment.

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