The history of our company starts back in 1985 when Mike Schuch and Jeff Green were starting their window film careers in separate areas of Southern California. Mike who had relocated from Wisconsin with his family during high school found the need to tint his brothers car to make his car look cool. Back then window tinting was done on cars to make them look good and not as much to protect them from the harmful sun. So off to the auto parts store Mike went to pick up some window film and tools. Little did he know that Xlnt Tint was formed that day in his mom and dads driveway in La Habra, CA. Mike perfected his skills by doing other family members cars and friends cars. He also took a job at a local window film company to gain even more exposure to other vehicle types and techniques. In 1988 he founded Xlnt Tint in Anaheim.

Jeff Green has always had a passion for autos from his earliest childhood. His parents owned and operated a Jeep dealership in Pasadena, CA. He saw his first car tinted at this dealership in 1982. Then in 1985 he got asked by a friend to help clean and prep cars for window tinting at a shop in Covina, CA. Jeff jumped at the opportunity. After several years perfecting his skills, Jeff opened up Southland Glass Tinting and operated it for over 5 years until it was sold to another entrepreneur. This allowed Jeff to take a position with Sun Pro Window Films where thru many mergers and acquisitions it became Solar Gard. Xlnt was Jeff’s largest accounts by 1998. Mike and Jeff always pondered about teaming up and really taking the industry by storm. That day came in the summer of 1999. Jeff resigned from his Western Regional Manager post and became part owner of Xlnt Tint. At this time there were 5 employees and a great base to work from. From here we put in place our corporate structure, systems, and full marketing plan.

In 1999 we earned the first of its kind anti-graffiti from contract from LA Metro. This contract was to remove and replace vandalized anti-graffiti film that was on about 50 stations throughout the LA area. At that point it was about a $15,000 a year account, but had potential to grow. Not only did it grow, but Xlnt Tint is on its 4th consecutive 5 year contract and installs over 1 million sq ft per year on this contract alone. The system now has over 130 stations and has now spun Xlnt Tint into another company that specializes in anti-graffiti films and coatings called Graffiti Shield, Inc.

In October of 2001, just few weeks after the 9/11 attacks on the US. Jeff received a call from Solar Gard to have Xlnt Tint become the lead team and manage the US Capital Hill Safety Film Project. This project consisted of team and many other installers from around the country to install blast mitigation safety film to the Capital Hill buildings. This meant for Xlnt Tint to manage over 50 people and install over 265,000 sq ft of safety film to 9 building in 8 weeks. At that point, it was the largest known installation ever done. From this we learned many valuable ideas that propelled Xlnt Tint into a worldwide installation company. Our experience has led us to many large and small projects with some significant stature.

Partial List Includes:

  • US Executive Branch Buildings (Over 20)
  • FBI Buildings around the world (Over 40)
  • All the Smithsonian’s in and around the DC area
  • GSA Buildings (Over 30)
  • US Army, Navy, Air Force Bases and Installations (115 in the US, 5 in Germany, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Bahrain)
  •  Over 15 million sq ft of anti-graffiti film on mass transit stations, rolling stock, and facilities.
  • Over 50 thousand homes in So Cal, Las Vegas, and DC region.
  • Over 10 thousand commercial buildings around the country.

Mike Schuch is married with 3 young children. Twin boys and one daughter. Hobbies include brewing beer, spending time with his wife and kids, and collecting cars.

Jeff Green has been married for over 27 years and has 2 daughters. Both daughters have graduated college and have significant roles in both of Mike and Jeff’s companies. His hobbies include drinking Mike’s beer, collecting cars, and traveling.

Xlnt Tint’s Core Values are “To serve with integrity, positive attitude and absolute professionalism, to exceed our client’s expectations with experienced solutions.” 

Our Xlnt Tint team is just over 20 team members and Graffiti Shield has over 20 team members too, and many have been with our organization for over 15 years. In over 30 years we have served ten’s of thousands of customers who trust us everyday with their vehicles, homes, and commercial buildings. Thank you all for your support and business over this time.

Thank you for visiting, Mike Schuch, and Jeff Green

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