Specialty Products

From heat rejection to fade reduction, window films address the needs of many common issues caused by the sun’s rays. Specialty films, however, span an even broader spectrum of use with technology  that:
  • Enhances privacy in open office spaces
  • Controls or alters the view through glass partitions at specific angles 
  • Prevents eavesdropping and theft of electronic data 
No matter your issue, with Xlnt Tint’s extensive product line of advanced specialty films we guarantee if there is a window film solution, we have it! 

Specialty Products

We carry a variety of state-of-the-art specialty films, addressing many uncommon challenges experienced in an office setting.

Specialty Gallery

For over 30 years Xlnt Tint has applied specialty film for clients ranging from home owners to high level government agencies. Click here to see our gallery of residential and commercial specialty installation projects.

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If you are considering window tint for your vehicle, we hope you will consider Xlnt Tint. Click here to schedule a free, in-home consultation and/or enter your own measurements to request a quote.

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