Specialty Films

Casper Cloaking Film

Casper Cloaking Films provide a unique solution to a challenge that is rapidly becoming common in open office workspaces across the country — Transparency + Privacy. Cloaking Film’s proprietary technology alleviates the visibility of sensitive information being shown on LED monitors/presentation boards to unauthorized parties viewing from outside glass enclosed offices.

Signal Defense Film

Signal Defense’s patented products have been engineered to meet stringent US Intelligence community security requirements for facilities handling classified information.  Meeting the TEMPEST requirements for ICD 705 and the DoD Infrared and Radio Frequency Emanation Protection Standards, Signals Defense RF/ IR attenuating window films protect your in a multitude of ways.

View Control Film

Madico View Control films appear to change from transparent to opaque when viewed from different angles and can be used to enhance privacy or to create impactful visual effects in variety of applications.

Specialty Products

We carry a variety of state-of-the-art specialty films, addressing many uncommon challenges experienced in an office setting.

Specialty Gallery

For over 30 years Xlnt Tint has applied specialty film for clients ranging from home owners to high level government agencies. Click here to see our gallery of residential and commercial specialty installation projects.

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